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Advantage, Characteristics and Training Concept
time:2016-12-27 Source:CAPGC  

I. Advantage and Characteristics


China-ASEAN prosecution training base is situated at No. 123 of Xianhu Ave, Nanning, which stands at the foot of hills and overlooks the Yongjiang River.?


Equipped with multifunctional classrooms, meeting rooms, library and electronic reading rooms, dormitory buildings for trainees and stadiums, the training base can accommodate 360 trainees and satisfy diverse training needs. In particular, the simulation teaching area highlights the training of professional skills and language labs providing simultaneous interpreting and smart training rooms cater to the special training needs.


II. Training Concept


Our Motto: Wisdom and Virtue, Innovation and Realistic Approach?

Our Mission: Exchange and Training between China-ASEAN judicial officers

???? ?? (a) Training: providing training service for the ASEAN judicial officers, especially prosecutors.

????? ? (b) Research and Study: providing research and study for the ASEAN judicial officers.

??????? (c) Symposium: symposium between China and ASEAN judicial officers

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Mr. Deng Guangming, Assistant Prosecutor, Division Chief of International Cooperation, General Office
The People's Procuratorate of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
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